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    Knowledge contest won the championship
    Author:admin    Date:2012-09-03      Read:1469

    The Safety Production Month Knowledge Competition was held on June 12, 2012 at the Ma Village District Security Bureau. This is the first time since the establishment of our company to participate in the safety production month held by the whole district. The event was led by the chairman of the labor union, Cai Wei, and the head of the Safety Production Section, Liu Zhijun. The contestants were the maintenance branch Song Hongwei, the quality inspection center Wang Qian, and Lu Dongxia. After fierce competition, our team finally won the laurels and won the honor for the company, so that the corporate image has a new upgrade in front of the public. On June 11th, the safety production month knowledge contest held in the staff activity center on the fourth floor of the office building was selected. The participating teams were the agency team, the quality inspection center team, the aluminum-hydrogen team, and the aluminum fluoride. Representative teams, maintenance branch representatives, through four rounds of must-answer, answer, Song Hongwei, Wang Qian, Lu Dongxia showed agility, answered the wonderful, and finally determined to be the company's representatives. The event was valued by the leaders of the company and the employees of each branch of the branch. The financial director Luo Yang personally coached the referee. The atmosphere was lively and the audience was enthusiastic. It fully demonstrates the cultural heritage and quality of the employees. On June 12, in the first round of the Marun District Safety Production Month Knowledge Competition, our team members were unable to score due to the nervousness. However, they calmly faced and quickly adjusted their mentality. In the second and third rounds of the competition, not only did they answer the complete answer, but they also won the victory. The rankings were chased back to the second place. Only 10 points difference. In the final round of risk questions, I used the strategy and the complete answer to win the applause and praise of the audience. In the final moments, he turned defeat into victory and finally achieved good results. Our team members not only won the honor for the company, but also won the award and became the corporate model. They were also envied and admired by their colleagues. They love the quality of learning, and the spirit of fear and fear is precious. Through this activity, we have seen the enthusiasm of our employees to learn knowledge. We must continue this spirit and enthusiasm, gather strength and create a brilliant enterprise! It has taken a new step in safety production and safety management.



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