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    Analysis on the development of domestic aluminum for electronic appliances
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    Aluminum alloy is the most common non-ferrous metal product in daily life, and it is also the most widely used in industrial applications. Such as aerospace, offshore equipment, consumer electronics, casting molds, etc., are extremely rich in use. Among them, what is closely related to our daily production is the aluminum products for electronic appliances used for daily consumption.

    Aluminum has excellent electrical conductivity and is therefore often used in high torque motors; aluminum has good thermal conductivity and is therefore used in the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, The use of aluminum for automotive radiators and other electrical appliances is also extremely extensive. Aluminum is non-electromagnetic, and this excellent feature has opened up a wider range of uses in aluminum for electrical appliances.

    The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of the density of steel and brass. Compared with other non-ferrous metals, the density is smaller, and in most environments, it shows superior corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy products can be used in a variety of surface treatments, such as anodizing, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, manual polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting, and the like.

    At present, the common alloy grades for aluminum and electronic aluminum for electrical appliances are 1060, 3003, 5052, 6011, 6061, 6063, etc., in some mechanical parts, car amplifier panels, power supply housings, mobile phone housings, motors. Motor housings, LED screen frames, lamp covers, camera accessories, etc. are very common.

    At present, the aluminum sheet and aluminum foil products of domestic aluminum processing manufacturers are rich and diverse, and have basically covered all aspects of aluminum for electronic appliances. For example, Mingtai Aluminum's electronic aluminum foil has been selling well in the domestic market for several years. It can be used for surface grinding, polishing and wire drawing of aluminum 1 and 3 series products for electronic appliances, so that the surface gloss of aluminum plate is higher. Mingtai Aluminum The company has advanced 涿 箔 foil rolling mill to ensure the good shape of aluminum foil, hydraulic control, with high-precision pressure sensor and precision roll seam; in 2010, Liaoning mechanical vertical slitting machine was introduced, using hard-toothed gear transmission, precision Higher; strict control of processing management, texture, grain organization and control accuracy.

    After years of steady development, the domestic aluminum market for electronic appliances has stabilized and is gradually developing towards high-end and specialization. As a well-known domestic aluminum processing enterprise, Mingtai Aluminum will continue to strictly control quality development and improve scientific management, adding glory to the domestic aluminum market for electronic appliances.



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